We have noticed a lot of websites lately selling items of furniture very similar to our Corona range, that’s the Mexican pine style.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that of course, good luck to them. The problem is, they’re using the same part numbers as the “proper” items, but for inferior furniture which they are selling for less than other legitimate websites. The give away was the lack of dovetail joints on the drawer fronts, and on further checking, the quality of the rest of the pieces is well below standard too.

So this post was just to warn you to be careful out there, if you’re paying for dovetails, get dovetails or get a refund.

In response to this, and the obvious demand for getting the best possible value for our customers, we have just introduced a selection of Corona items with no dovetail drawer joints either. The difference? We make it quite clear that plain joints are used, and more importantly, we charge less for these versions.

Here’s a list of the new, non-dovetailed items which you can now buy for less thanks to this, enjoy 🙂

Corona 1 Drawer Open Shelf Bedside Cabinet
Corona Waxed Pine 2 Drawer Petite Bedside Cabinet
Corona 3 Drawer Waxed Pine Bedside Cabinet, Country Style
Corona Pine 2 Drawer Hall or Console Table
Corona Waxed Pine Low 2 Drawer TV Television Unit
Corona Waxed Pine Single Pedestal Dressing Table
Corona 2+2 Drawer Chest, Waxed Pine Country Style
Corona Pine 3 Door 2 Drawer Medium Sideboard
Corona 4 Drawer Chest of Drawers in Waxed Pine
Corona 6 Drawer (3·3) Wide Chest in Waxed Pine
Corona Large Country Style Waxed Pine Sideboard

Items that have no drawers are not affected. If you have any issues or questions in this matter please get in touch, we’re here to help.

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