Not strictly furniture (or un-strictly either for that matter) here’s some things that go with our furniture, to save you trying to match things up yourself.

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Shiro Solid Walnut Wood Sample (Refundable)


La Roque Solid Mahogany Wood Sample (Refundable)


4KIDS Sectioned Wall Shelf, Light Oak & High Gloss White

£50.00 £30.00

Angel White Oak Sectioned Wall Shelf in 2 Sizes (S,L)


Dressing table mirror, waxed pine, adjustable.

£60.00 £39.00

Corona White dressing table mirror, tilting.

£58.00 £39.00

Jamestown or Quebec large dressing table mirror, cream.

£62.00 £41.00

Boston makeup mirror, dark wood, tilting.

£60.00 £42.00

4KIDS Wall Shelf, Light Oak & High Gloss White (S,L)


Dovedale Victorian dressing table mirror, pine.

£62.00 £44.00

Edwardian dressing table mirror, pine, tilting.

£62.00 £44.00

Lyon Wall Shelf, Platinum and Grey, 3 Sizes


Toledo Alpine White and Stirling Oak Wall Shelf

£69.00 £46.00

Kensington floating wall shelf in oak, 150 cm long.

£65.00 £48.00

Cortina wall shelf, laminated oak, in 2 sizes.


Lyon Wall Shelf, White and Oak, 3 Sizes