Hi again everyone,

we have added yet another new range to the site over the past few days. This one is a first for us, it’s a fully built range, meaning you don’t have to get your tools out when it arrives. Having said that, the tables in the range do need the legs attaching, but that’s to be expected as the extra volume with the legs on would be like shipping air!

It is called Shiro, from the Baumhaus range, so expect absolute top quality furniture, just like you got in the good old days before the world got into such a hurry. Shiro uses hand-selected best quality solid walnut throughout, a wood that is ideal for making high class furniture. Walnut is a dense, tightly-grained wood, so as well as looking absolutely beautiful, it is as strong as any hardwood. All the items are sent out in heavy duty packaging, and, because it’s pre-built, we can offer a 5 year guarantee on it.

There’s a good selection of items in the range, and some unusual pieces too, like shoe cupboards and a hideaway home office.

Yes, it is more expensive than other items which will do exactly the same job, but if you tend to keep your furniture for a long time, hand it down even, then this range (and others from Baumhaus) will have just the type of workmanship you like.

Why not a look at our Shiro range HERE, or all our Baumhaus items HERE.

PS: There’s 5% off until the 30th of January. Make use of it, this stuff won’t normally be reduced at all, even by us.

Until next time, bye bye.

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