Good evening,
we have finally filtered through the new Corona White range onto the site, which, sort of, replaces the previous Corona Whitewashed range. In the grand scheme of things, not much has changed, the style and main colour of the furniture hasn’t changed, but the top has. Instead of whitewashed pine to match the body of the item, it is now left unpainted, and coated with a generous layer of wax, for protection and beauty. It has 4 flutes machined into it, 1 set in from each edge a bit, giving a nice cross effect in the corners.

The other change is that hardware (hinges, handles and studs) are now brass, previously they were black.

Drawers are still dovetailed at the front, and you still get some spare paint for touching up any wee incidents. Also, the taller pieces now have a wall strap in the box, please take the time to use it if there is any chance young children will be playing near the item.

You can see the new range HERE, along with some of the carry over pieces from the old range which don’t have a top, so they remain.

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