As always as this time of year, the new ranges are coming in thick and fast. We just wanted to tell you about 2 of them here, which in a way, are very similar. They both use melamine construction, they both use a handle-free design, and they both have black metal hair pin legs. On top of that, they have a secondary highlight finish, one in stone, one in grey.

Firstly, Manhattan. As above, it’s in hard-wearing manufactured board, with a bleached pine look. Each piece has a stone-effect finish to a door or drawer, a nice touch that gives it a focal point.

Then there’s Vegas. Even more minimal than Manhattan, there are no handles at all, not even cut outs, just push to open, push to close. The finish on this range is bleached oak, with the highlights being in contrasting grey.

Each range comprises just a few select downstairs items, but if this is a look you like, it may be all you need. All items are self assembly, and we deliver absolutely free within a few working days to most of the UK mainland.

Take care.

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