As the trend in average room and overall house sizes continues its downward trend, this seems like a good time to introduce a range that’s slightly smaller than standard. It’s true, new homes are getting smaller, as the cost of buying the land, and then building on it, only increases (at least until the next crash), something has to give. This is where our Corona Compact range comes in. At a glance, it looks “normal”, but that’s because it is well proportioned, but that wee bit could be enough to make a difference in your rooms.

In pine, with a grey waxed finish, it’s not unlike our Corona Grey range, except that this uses matching glass tops instead of the pine you see there. You still get dovetailed drawer joints and real metal hardware like our other Corona ranges, so there’s no skimping on quality. It is available now, delivered free in 1-3 working days for easy home assembly.

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