We know you like a bargain, especially when you are spending sometimes hundreds or thousands of your hard-earned pounds, so here at Cheap Furniture, we always try to offer the best prices we can on everything we sell. However, with so many items of furniture, sometimes some slip through the net. Other people have sales, suppliers have sales, we make a mistake, whatever the cause, sometimes, we get a price wrong.

If you find an item that’s cheaper elsewhere (at least by enough of a margin that you can be bothered to tell us!), there is a link on every product page to a form where you can challenge us to beat that price.

Please note, this is not a price match service, like some other sites offer, whereby you do all the work and then they will only give you the same price, that doesn’t even make sense, just buy it from the cheaper place and be done with it.

No, we will beat the other price if we possibly can, and if we can’t, we will tell you straight away and not string you along with ifs and buts. So now, you really can be extra sure you’re getting your furniture at the best price, and with the best service that you possibly can.

Speak soon.

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