Decluttering introduces a minimalistic style to your place of living, removing the areas of which dust can gather behind and providing you with a more convenient working atmosphere – why wouldn’t you declutter?

There are many methods to decluttering, with the major aspect being the furniture you choose to arrange the room in mention with. Furniture which has a storing device, such as drawers, cupboards or trays are perfect for this job – of which Frances Hunt stocks in number.

Preparing the room

Minor adjustments are the secret to beginning a successful declutter, items that are piled up or misplaced around a room should be designated to find a position to store them. Dust and dirt that has accumulated should be removed before any furniture pieces are bought or arranged, with any scratches or blemishes being tidied up – whether with a lick of paint or polish.

Choosing the best furniture to store your clutter

There is a whole range of furniture that can be used to store clutter, from a sleek chest of drawers to a modern and edgy ottoman, with even a display unit or bookcase satisfying the job.

A set of drawers come in various sizes: from those bedside cabinets that can fit small items and accessories, to wider and bigger cabinets with more drawers and more drawer-width within. The Mya White High Gloss 4 Door Storage Unit is a prime example of this, hosting a clean, linear design and providing a contemporary piece of furniture for your home. The 4 doors allow ease of storage, preventing items from being disorderly and disorganised. With the flat top surface, you’re able to get a little creative and display a potted plant or a few display items – but remember to play it spacious and not cluttered.

Mya White High Gloss

The matte-white Hampstead Soft Grey and Walnut Console Table is another smartly-crafted display piece, with open shelves to allow you to truly show off those items that really display your kind of style. Featuring two small drawers to avoid putting any small clutter pieces on show and wide open shelves that are able to fit display boxes, which too can be used to exclude clutter to secrecy.

Hampstead Soft Grey and Walnut

If drawers and cabinets are not your kind of thing for the room that you’re working on, there is still other options available. A bookcase also is a great piece of furniture to keep clutter away from causing any unnecessary distraction, with a lot of available storage space for items big or small. Who says a bookshelf only needs to display books?

The Corazon Elm Bookcase in an elm wood effect finish is a beautifully crafted furniture piece that will fit most room layouts, featuring three wide open shelves without doors – for storage and display purposes. This shelf can be multi-purpose in its nature, to store household items crockery or fine glassware.

Corazon Elm

For those who have a lot of clutter, a bigger furniture device that can both display and hold a wide array of items may need to be sought. The Claudio Oak Large Display Unit, which is one of the many large display units we offer here at Frances Hunt features 6 drawers – 3 large and 3 small, two glazed display cabinets and 4 shelves to display items upon. Utilising solid oak throughout the whole product, this storage device is sure to provide you with all the space you need, whilst being a masterpiece of any room.

Claudio Oak

Accessorise your life up

After your clutter has found its place and everything has been put away in their convenient drawers and cabinets, the last step in the process would be to accessorise your room to provide further methods of decluttering. One of the things you can do is add a coat stand, removing the need to dump coats on a table or the back of a chair. A popular coat stand that we stock is the Warbler Walnut Coat Stand, crafted in a punchy and curved manner, this stand utilises the finest real walnut veneer for an ultimate product.

Warbler Walnut

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