Hi everyone, hope you’re well?

this week we have another new range on the site, by the name of Lyon. It a very modern design, very angular and with a nice contrast between the colours. It is a handle-free design, and most of the items include LED strip lighting around the exterior, which negates the need for a lamp. The lighting is 240v mains powered, and a foot switch is provided too.

There are 2 options available, so to avoid confusion we have split them into 2 separate sections, Lyon (platinum and light grey) and Lyon (gloss white and Riviera oak).

They are manufactured from laminated board, a trend that is becoming more popular as it is perfect for home furniture (it should be, that is what it was designed for). It is scratch, moisture and heat resistant, so keeps looking good for many years if looked after. All doors and drawers have soft-close mechanisms.

This is a self-assembly range, and as usual, delivery is absolutely free to most UK mainland addresses.

You can see them here – Lyon (platinum & grey) and here – Lyon (white & oak).

Bye for now.

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