Soft chairs, hard chairs, office chairs, stools, benches. Sitting down is a complicated business, hopefully we have made it simple to find what you’re looking for in among all the options. Get in touch if you can’t find what you need, we always have a backlog of stock to add to the site, you never know your luck.

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Cleveland Armchair in Light or Dark Grey

£349.95 £259.95

Shiro Walnut/Slate Accent Dining Chair (set of 2)


Walnut/Hazelnut Full Back Dining Chair (set of 2)


Shiro Flare Back Dining Chair, Biscuit or Slate (x2)


Hamilton Dining Chair With Full Height Slotted Back (x2)

£149.95 £102.95

Hamilton Dining Chair With Curved Back (x2)

£149.95 £101.95

Aspen Chair with Padded Seat and Faux Leather Finish (x2)

£119.95 £89.95

Hamilton Dining Chair with Criss Cross Back (x2)

£129.95 £86.95

Retro Chair with Plastic Seat and Wooden Legs (x2)

£99.95 £84.95

Low Back Height Adjustable Bar Stools, Chrome Leg (x2)

£109.95 £79.95

Bar Stools, Height Adjustable, Chrome Leg with Plastic Seat (x2)

£99.95 £79.95

Aspen Metal Chair in 5 Colours (x2)

£84.95 £69.95

Aspen Coloured Chair with Black Metal Legs (x2)

£84.95 £69.95

Aspen Coloured Chair with Metal Legs (x2)

£94.95 £69.95

Corona Grey Washed and Waxed Dining Formal Chair (x2)

£99.95 £69.95

Aspen Retro Colourful Chair with Feature Crossbars (x2)

£78.95 £69.95

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