Fully Built - 5 Year Guarantee

Shiro Solid Walnut Hideaway Home Office

Baumhaus Shiro hideaway home office.
Everything you need in a cupboard.
Fully built walnut, 5 year guarantee.
111 cm wide, 55 cm deep, 80 cm high.



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Here’s a great idea if you do a lot of work when you’re at home, or have kids doing exams or courses, and you want to keep everything together.

When it’s closed up, it looks just like an ordinary sideboard, unless you leave your laptop on it like in our pictures of course. But pull up a chair and you can run your empire like a boss. There a shallow, pull down and out top shelf, perfect for your keyboard and mouse, see the video to see it in action. Below that there’s 2 large doors. On the right, it is a standard cupboard layout with a single shelf. This shelf can be moved up or down, or removed if required. On the left is a tall, narrow space for a computer tower, with a shelf near the top. This small shelf is also removable if your tower is particularly tall. Beside that are 3 compartments, 2 of them fitted with drawers. There’s plenty of cable entry points at the rear to keep everything tidy.

These units come with a 5 year guarantee, and are delivered to your door fully assembled just like in our images.

111 cm wide, 55 cm deep, 80 cm high.

Weight62 kg

Fully assembled

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