These are one of our biggest sellers, and it’s not hard to understand why. They’re just so versatile, and if you no longer have a use for them in one room, you can easily re-purpose them in another area of your home. Easy to build, where will you put yours?

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Kuba Handmade Coffee Table / Storage Trunk

£419.00 £377.10

Signature Grey Hallway Storage Bench

£349.00 £314.10

Nine Schools Qing Oyster Grey Trunk

£249.00 £224.10

Nine Schools Oriental Decorated Black Trunk

£249.00 £224.10

Nine Schools Qing Black and Gilt Trunk

£249.00 £224.10

Nine Schools Oriental Decorated Blue Trunk

£239.00 £215.10

Corona Grey ottoman, pine, slide opening top.

£165.00 £119.00

Corona White ottoman or storage box, pine top.

£130.00 £99.95

Boston ottoman or blanket box, dark wood.

£136.00 £99.95

Corona Grey Washed ottoman or blanket box, pine.

£130.00 £93.00

Copenhagen Pine Blanket Box

£99.00 £89.00

Corona Pine Ottoman or Storage Trunk with Lid

£118.00 £87.00

Quebec French ottoman or blanket box, cream.

£150.00 £85.00

Jamestown ottoman or blanket box, cream and oak.

£145.00 £79.95

Hampshire Ottoman, Blanket Box or Toy Chest, in White.

£105.00 £79.00

Copenhagen Cream Blanket Box

£99.00 £79.00