Welcome to our garden sets collection. Very popular for a large part of the year (considering the climate here), you can definitely get your money’s worth out of these over the course of a few seasons. They’re built to last, and very versatile too if you choose wisely. Now, which colour to go for, mmm.

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Prestige SMALL Corner Sofa and Table Set in Black (L,R)

£769.00 £599.99

Rustic SMALL Corner Sofa and Table set in Grey (L,R)

£789.00 £695.00

Prestige Sofa, Armchairs, Coffee Table Set in Black (S,L)


Rural Rattan Corner Sofa Garden Furniture Set (L,R)

£889.00 £699.00

Prestige LARGE Corner Sofa, Table and Stools Set (L,R)

£969.00 £795.00

Rustic Grey ROUND Garden Dining Set with 6 Chairs

£1,079.00 £839.00

Port Royal Rustic Corner Settee and Table Garden Furniture Set

£1,079.00 £849.00

Prestige Round Dining Table and 6 Chairs Garden Set

£1,049.00 £849.00

Prestige Garden Furniture Mixed Dining Set in Black

£1,119.00 £895.00

Prestige Angled Corner Sofa and Table/Pouffe Set

£999.00 £895.00

Prestige 6 Place Garden Dining Set, with Rectangular Table

£1,119.00 £897.00

Rustic Grey Rattan Garden Furniture Set (S,L)


Rustic Grey Dining Table Garden Corner Set (L,R)

£1,329.00 £949.00

Prestige Garden Dining Set, Sofa and Stools (L,R)

£1,249.00 £979.00

Port Royal Rustic LARGE Corner Garden Furniture Set (L,R)

£1,159.00 £995.00

Rustic Grey Dining Table, Sofa and Chairs Garden Set

£1,199.00 £995.00